What Is the difference between your wait List and contact list?

Our WAIT LIST requires a nonrefundable $300 deposit and your name is added among others to the list. You will have first choice as kittens become available for adoption. You must choose a kitten trait. Deposit is transferable between litters.

Our CONTACT LIST is cost free, and your name will be added to a list. You will be contacted, depending on interest in kittens available. We will post publicly any available kittens that are not spoken for. We will only offer to wait listers before opening availability to the contacted listers and the public.

What kind of Personality do Munchkins cats (kittens) have?

Munchkin cats combine the adorable, funny personality of the Munchkin, and the lovable one of the Scottish Fold. They are truly a perfect combination. They also get along great with humans, children and other pets.

Do you offer discount on our munchkins kittens?


If you purchase more than one, we offer a very nice discount for everyone

If you are a returning customer, we offer a very nice discount

Two kittens are always better than one. They play together and keep each other company in your absence. We highly recommend getting two siblings together if available, or getting in line for one in an upcoming litter.

Do you have references?

Yes! We have previous customers that would love to gush about their fur baby! Just ask and we will give you contact info to get in touch with previous customers directly 🙂

Take a look at our Testimonial 

Do you guarantee the health of your kittens?

Absolutely! All kittens come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee and you will have a week after pick up to have your kitten vet checked for any general health guarantees.

Kitten will come with a certificate of health signed by a veterinarian.

Why can’t I get a kitten before 10 weeks?

It is very important for the kitten to nurse from mama cat for as long as it can, to get the nutrition it needs to support a healthy immune system. Your kitty is also learning by example to groom and use a litter box and scratching post, as well as socialization skills from playing with their siblings. At 9 weeks, we have a licensed vet do a full exam to ensure kitten is as healthy as can be. We also give the first set of vaccines at 9 weeks and multiple dewormings, 

Do we sell to breeders?

No, we do not at this time.

What if you don’t have the kitten I want in your next litter? Do I lose my deposit?

No, your deposit goes to the next litter and you keep your place on the list. However, if you are offered the TYPE of kitten that you are waiting for, but must pass, you will be bumped down one spot after the second pass and each time thereafter.

What kind of food do the feed?

We feed our adults Nutro and Royal Canin, both premium foods. We give wet food as well as dry, and encourage you to do the same. Kittens are fed Royal Canin MotherBaby Cat and Royal Canin Kitten until 12 weeks old. After that, they need to stay on the same food or a quality food formulated for kittens, up to a year.

Can I bath munchkins kittens and are they special grooming needs?

You will need to brush long hair kittens frequently. Bathing should be done on long haired Kilts as needed. Trim the nails if you know how and wear gloves. Run the water before you take to the sink. You can also take to a groomer. Persians can have eye tears that may need to be wiped daily with water and a paper towel, or an eye cleaner.

How big will my kitten be when fully grown?

Munchkins kittens range in the small 6-7 pounds once adults. 

Do you deliver deliver, ship or pickup kittens?

You may fly or drive here and personally pick up your kitten. We can also deliver straight to you by car or plane for a fee.. or meet you part way

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